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Issue Three: Out Now!

Issue Three of Cacao Magazine is available to pre-order from Tuesday the 5th of May! The third edition is a celebration of Women in Chocolate and tells the stories of inspiring female voices throughout the chocolate and cacao industry.

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"Cacao Magazine is out now and it’s absolutely amazing. Filled with beautiful graphics and illustrations, along with writing by many of our friends in the industry, this is the perfect magazine for lovers of fine chocolate."
Luke Owen Smith
Founder of The Chocolate Bar
"I love it! Finally a magazine completely devoted to high-quality chocolate."
Esther Heshof
Chocolate Enthusiast
"These issues of Cacao Magazine will take you on journeys as you read about makers, growers, science, recipes, places and more. Relax with your favourite bar and beverage pairing and dive in."
Paola Giavedoni
Owner of Candy Bar Toronto

Established in 2018, Cacao Magazine is dedicated to quality content on all things cacao and chocolate.

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