About Cacao

Welcome to Cacao – one of the most popular chocolate information brands on the internet. Founder Lukas Reinhardt and Ruby Willow started Cacao to share stories and resources for other chocolate enthusiasts wanting to learn more about this delicious food.

“Our mission with  Cacao is to raise the overall knowledge and appreciation of chocolate. In Europe, the average person consumers around 7kg of chocolate every year. And yet, many of us are not aware how chocolate is made or where it comes from.”

And so Cacao was born in 2018. It first began as a print magazine, but has since shifted to producing quality content via its digital platforms. It currently attracts over 15,000 readers around the world every month.

If you’re new to the world of chocolate, or simply want to brush up on your knowledge then download our free Chocolate 101.

We hope you enjoy our content and welcome to the community!

Our Mission

Cacao is devoted to raising the overall knowledge and appreciation of chocolate. Our mission is to allow people to gain a deeper understanding of chocolate through learning.


⭐ 2018. Cacao Magazine is first launched.

⭐ 2019. We launch Issue One of Cacao Magazine.

⭐ 2019. We launch Issue Two of Cacao Magazine.

⭐ 2020. We launch Issue Three of Cacao Magazine.

⭐ 2021. Cacao switches from being a physical magazine to being an online hub for quality content for the chocolate industry.