Cacao Magazine: Issue Three (DIGITAL)


Issue three of Cacao Magazine is dedicated to the women of the chocolate industry.

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What to Expect in Issue THREE:

  • Topic: Women in Chocolate
  • Las Mujeres de Cacao A stunning photo-essay by Michelle Renée Baldovin 

  • Women: The Secret Ingredient for a Living Wage by Kim Wilson
  • Sponsor: Canadian Chocoholic, the Chocolate Goldsmith with Cyndi Clement
  • The Peace Crop by Ruby Willow
  • Recipe by Sue Quinn
  • Where is a Woman’s Place, in chocolate? Featuring Sue Quinn, Jeanne Donkoh, Emily Stone, Dennise Valencia, Hanbin Paek, Corinne Joachim Sanon Symietz, Petra Arias, Estela Duque, Lauren Heineck, Maria Maiskaya
  • Baking with Single-Origin Chocolate by Victoria Cooksey
  • Chocolate Landscapes by Nicole Hewat
  • Femme de Virunga: The Power of Chocolate by Lukas Reinhardt & Ruby Willow
  • Poison Your Lover With Chocolate (And Other Advice From 17th-Century Witches) by Megan Giller
  • How to Host a Cacao Ceremony by Jordan Cohayney
  • Whisky & Chocolate by R. M. Peluso
  • Meet the Makers: Nigeria to Norway an interview with Pod Chocolate and Fjåk


issue 3 cacao magazine

issue 3 cacao magazine


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