Cacao Magazine wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of our remarkable contributors. We give them a big round of applause, and we genuinely thank them for being such great partners.

Issue One

Ruth Loh Xiu wrote “Craft Chocolate: The Renaissance”
Robert O’Sullivan wrote “Understanding The Bean-To-Bar Process”
Anna Bazyl illustrated “Understanding The Bean-To-Bar Process”
Daisy Hill wrote “Eat Chocolate. Cure Poverty.”
Eric Hiller wrote “Building The Road To Cacao”
Katie Napoli illustrated Watercolour Map “The World of Cacao”
Samuel Dart wrote “The Fall and Rise of Chocolate in Germany”
Antonella Tromba wrote “Why Fine Chocolate is Loyal to Real Vanilla”
Sarah Chand illustrated the recipes in Issue One and Two
Lilla Toth-Tatai wrote “How to Taste Chocolate: A Sensory Experience”
MakanMalaysia developed rote “Chilli Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Coconut Cream Recipe”
Domantas Uzpalis (founder of Chocolate Naive) interview guest.

Issue Two

Lilla Toth-Tatai wrote “Terroir in Chocolate: Why Does it Matter?”
Eric Gilbert wrote “Ecuador’s Fight to Preserve Heirloom Cacao”
Max Gandy aka Dame Cacao wrote wrote “Crafting Chocolate in the Land of Smiles”
Reginald Swinney illustrated “Crafting Chocolate in the Land of Smile”
Hazel Lee wrote “Discovering the Flavours of Thai Chocolate using Taste With Colour”
Sharon Terenzi aka The Chocolate Journalist wrote “The Flavours Soaring and Sinking in 2019”
Megan Giller aka Chocolate Noise wrote “The Life of a Professional Chocolate Taster”
David Nilsen wrote “Craft Cousins: Beer & Chocolate”
Sarit Henig wrote “Behind the Doors of a Chocolate Shop” & “Bean to Bonbon with Paul A. Young”
Paul A. Young interview guest